Cold weather mittens?

I find mittens to be much warmer than gloves for skiing, so I have been trying to find mittens for cold weather paddling
I have a pair of NRS Toaster Mitts. They are warm and curved, but I find my fingers move in the mit, instead of bending the mit around the paddle; so they are awkward. Does that make sense?
I also have a pair of Body Glove Claws (they have 3 fingers in one pocket and the index finger in its own pocket) They have no flex to them, so it is tiring to keep them bent.

Any suggestions? Or are mittens just not used?

I have a pair of Hanz gloves that are great when it is 45 or so, but they don’t cut it at 35. (I try not to go out when it is really cold) If they made mittons…

Some paddlers like pogies. Here’s a link to a recent discussion about them:

Sure wish someone would invent battery-heated waterproof paddling gloves. I did find a pair of waterproof Goretex heated gloves online, but they were $400. Gulp.

I have the kokatat tropos mitts. They are light and nonrestrictive. I usually wear fingerless warmers under them. Good if you are keeping hands out of water. Put them in on the shaft then your hands in. I have the snapdragon neo mitts also and they are nice for warmth standing alone. I always take a pair of neo gloves that seal off water transfer in case I have an extended stay in the water.

glacier gloves are pretty sweet. Quite waterproof.