Cold Weather Transport?

Is it OK to transport canoes via cartop/trailer in sub freezing temperatures? Are there different guidelines for different manufacturers or materials?

Why not?
I do it quite a bit

I sometimes bag the boats to avoid nicks from flying sand and grit.

Living in Maine and going south at least once we go from zero to 90

The only issue could be Royalex boats with wood gunwales but mine are all composite or rx with vinyl clad aluminum rails

Kayaks, yes… canoes, probably

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I do a fair bit of winter kayaking in below-freezing conditions (poly and fiberglass). My general cut-off is around -5 to -10 celcius, because less than that just isn't much fun for me and things are usually frozen up anyway.

I used to use a trailer but found I had to wrap the kayak in a tarp and it was covered in salty slush after the trip. Also, the trailer took a beating due to the road salt.

I've had much better results on the top of my truck in J-cradles. Rarely much more than a light salt spray.

Everything is more brittle in those conditions, so just be careful. Anything wet freezes, including anything you attach your boat with. Keep it in mind. I put my ropes and straps inside the truck when out to keep them a little warmer. I take them in the house when done to dry them out for next time. In the summer, they live in the truck.

It wasn't clear whether you're planning on paddling or just transporting, but paddling a canoe in the winter is an entirely different ballgame.


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Thanks folks!

FYI, I am just talking about transporting a canoe in sub freezing temperatures, not paddling one. I would want at least a wet suit for the latter, and haven't got one at this point.

45 degrees

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was an ideal temperature for Barbie Dolls and Les Paul's last a partial nitrogen atmosphere. Dry ? probably but I forget.

I live on South Florida. We rarely leave tools or boxes out in the sun.

There is data:

The conditions you are interested in are relevant over long time spans not 10-20 days. Transport canoe hulls at -0- degrees ? Of course but be certain hulls are more brittle at -0- than at 35 degrees.

Deafinitly avoid dropping an ultralight hull off the van roof at -0- ...but in reality then you're involved in a time speed distance lack of heat equation.

I assume with tupperware compounds tying too tight at 110 degrees is as chancey as too tight at 10 degrees.

Metal oxidation doubles every ten degrees rise in temperature ...HS Physics copper strap n Bunsen burner.