Coleman canoe help

I recently acquired a 15 foot Coleman canoe. I’m really confused as the canoe has a Coleman sticker along the side of the hull, but there is an OLD Town metal placard. I located the serial # CNPA9609M81K. Model # 5905B. It’s my first canoe and I couldn’t pass up the price. It’s has some issues, but wanted to get my kids out on the water this coming spring. I normally kayak by myself, but now my kids want in on the action. Anyone know any information based on the serial or model numbers… Appreciate your help.

The MIC shows it is a Coleman canoe.

A Google search for Coleman canoe 5905B will get you some info from years past.

I just can’t figure out why there would be an Old Town marking label on the canoe. I guess it could be a replacement part.

Is it possible that Old Town manufactured some boats for Coleman back in 1981?

I read that Coleman’s canoes have been manufactured by Pelican in Canada for some time now.