Coleman canoe repair

I bought a used coleman canoe with a lot of deep scratches but no leaks. I seem to remember reading in a book that you could melt milk jug plastic into the scratches and sand it down flat. Any suggestions?

Just Joking but
While you’re at it melt down the Coleman…argh

If it is not leaking
leave it alone

Here is the word direct from Pelican- they supply the Coleman canoes

“You can order replacement parts & accessories directly from Pelican at 1 (888) 669-6960. If you have minor hull damage (like a dent) you should remove the between hull drain plug(s) and leave the boat out in the sun for a few hours. The materials used to manufacture the boat has memory, therefore the hull should return to its original shape. If your hull is punctured, it must be welded. Ask your dealer or a plastic welder in your neighbourhood”

So, if it doesn’t leak,I’d leave it

Like that “ask the dealer” statement.
Can you fathom asking Dick’s to weld your canoe? Would you want anyone at Dick’s to weld your canoe?

Here We GO!
I notice every time the subject of Coleman Canoes comes up because my first boat was a Coleman, and I still have it. The repair issue has been belabored repeatedly on this board, and always gets responses about using some glue or resin or some such, and then about duct tape, rivets, everything you can imagine, including melting a milk jug.

IMHO, the “welding” responses are the wisest, but I have never been able to point people to any sort of source to get the job done…til now.

Someone in my club found this site

I have no personal knowledge of how well it works. I hope this helps my fellow unabashed Coleman paddlers.


Multiple Pelican Canoe constructions
Pelican of Quebec does indeed manufacture the Coleman Ram-X canoes. They also make their own designs that are significantly different. The canoe in your response is a double hull design. It has a one piece outer hull and an molded interior with the seats and reinforcement. The drain plugs mentioned are to get any water out from between the interior and exterior skins. The Coleman design is a flexible one piece plastic skin supported by an aluminum framework.

coleman canoe repair
OP here. My canoe must be very old, no drain plugs anywhere.

plastic welding sources
I was an auto radiator repairman. We did plastic welding on radiators and dash parts.

Many radiator shops will have plastic welding equipment, try them.

Try Yellow pages for welding, many shops may do plastic welding even if it is not advertised.

Why? Supermarket shopping cart repairs are a market for them.

If it is strictly cosmetic damage, leave it alone. Battle scars are honourable.


Coleman Canoe repair
Thanks for the radiator shop tip. Kap to the rescue.