Coleman Canoe seat repairs

I have two old Coleman Canoes one a 16 foot Scanoe and one 17 foot Ram-X red canoe.Love them both but recently noticed that both stern seats are cracking from wear and tear over the years.I’m not very handy and am looking for a way to repair or replace the hard plastic seating.Both canoes have the metal framing and the rear seat is attached by two metal rods attached to the gunwales.Any help would be appreciated.Please make it as simple as possible as I’m not the handiest person…Thanks again!!!


Just go on line
To Coleman’s web site. You should have no trouble ordering replacement seats, they have not changed much since the 80’s. If they are cracking though it could be due to sunlight exposure, you may want to give your hull a thorough looking over for cracks as well.

Coleman Canoe seat repairs
Coleman doesn’t sell replacement parts for their canoes as they sold their canoe franchise to Pelican which itself doesn’t stock older Coleman canoe parts.


There were still parts
available on line as late as last fall. I stumbled on them while looking for old stove parts. They may have taken them down by now I guess. Sorry.

Coleman Canoe Parts
Where did you see these parts?? I don’t see anything on the Coleman site. Thanks again,


They shoot horses don’t they?
Give it up and get yourself a real canoe.

It’s hard for me to visualize how your
seats are broken, but one approach might be to find some fairly stiff plastic and pop rivet it to the top of the existing seat plastic. This would not work if the breakage involves the ends of the seats where they hang from the gunwales. You would need to scrounge for some plastic (for example from the sides of a garbage can with a rectangular cross section), pick up a rivet gun kit, and use an electric drill to make the holes. You might also need a sabre saw or some kind of aircraft snips to cut the new plastic. And it might be helpful to have clamps to hold the new plastic over the old seats while you drill the holes. Use all-aluminum rivets. The tops will be smooth, but if you kneel, you might have to stick some foam over the bottom ends of the rivets so you don’t get scratched.