Coleman Exponent Extreme Stove

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Has anybody used this stove? Specs and reviews are impressive. We're downsizing most of our gear in preparation for portaging, so we're looking for a lightweight replacement for our relatively heavy single-burner propane stove and this one seems like it would do nicely. Powermax canisters look reasonable weight-wise. Looking for feedback from anybody who may own or have used one.


A Friend has one and
I have used it when I have gone camping with hime so I cannot give an extensive review. It seemed to work fine and had plenty of power.

My only concern would be the availablity and cost of those canisters. You would want to make sure to have more than you think you might need. They are not something you would be able to find at most remote outfitters.

have something
similar. Only downfall is during winter camping the canister needs to be warmed under a coat or similar. My scorpion runs great had it for 10+ yrs.

good design, except
the proprietary cannisters make me nervous. Their 2-burner version is brilliant. I dislike the fact that only Coleman’s cannister can be used. 2 issues:

  1. product may be discontinued, leaving you without a source for fuel
  2. you can’t fly with fuel, so you may have trouble locating the correct fuel in some remote place

    I chose instead the MSR Superfly, because it is not only light, and simmers beautifully, but, according to MSR, it uses all brands of cannister. I have used both MSR and Primus cannisters, and they are interchangeable. I would buy this stove again.

my stove will burn all fuel types as well. It works really well as a light primary stove for hiking.

Superfly works for me

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Though I believe the coleman is minute quicker to set up. The superfly may take a tiny bit longer to set up, but it's plenty hot, even for New England winter. Easy to dunk the cannister in pot of liquid water and that will be sufficient to warm, reflected heat will usually do the rest unless it is really cold. At least one cannister per stove in your sleeping bag.

If you need to hang the stove, get a hanging kit with it. Much cheaper than getting one later.

Coleman Exponent
I’ve been using the Coleman Exponent Apex II stove for the past three years for kayak camping. Works great. It runs on coleman fuel or unleaded gas (although I’ve never tried it on unleaded). I can run it 2-3 times a day on a three day trip on one tank. It’s a little cheaper but about 5-6oz. heavier than the PM Xtreme.

The one thing I don’t like about the PowerMax line (and some other brands) is the proprietary fuel cannisters. It’s easier for me to top off from my Coleman fuel can before trips. I can also use unleaded in a pinch but haven’t had to yet.

The eternal stove debate
Just my $0.02

Old coleman Peak 1 cira 1978 ?? Still works great. Never a repair.

Older Coleman 2 burner gas (1964??) Still works Great use it on all of my easy river trips.

Coleman Apex II Love it hope it lasts as long as the others.

All 3 have burned more than their share of unleaded gas.

Camping gaz turbo 270. Great for short liteweight trips or when you want no hassles. put the cannaster on twist the knob and push the button instant heat with no pumping. 2 sizes of canisters and also a matching lantern that puts off a good bit of light. both light weight and small.

Can’t beat white gas / unleaded stoves for long trips


For some reason…
…our local sporting goods store has a closeout on backpacker type equipment, and they have the couble burner Exponent for about $17.00, as I recall. It sat there all winter.

Maybe I’ll go and pick it up.

one thing
one thing to consider with cannister stoves is that you can not use wind screens with them.

most of the time they are not needed, but these stoves can be a PITA under very windy conditions with no actual wrap around wind screen.

if all you do is boil water or reheat an occasional meal then why not use a homemade beer can pressurized alcohol stove?? stove,pre heat tray, pot stand, n wind screen weigh a total of 2.5oz and the denatured alcohol can be carried in a plastic soda bottle.

if you slo cook meals or actually COOK, then i recomend a commericial duel fuel stove like a cheap $30 single burner coleman that simmers… since you can find white gas or gasoline just about anywhere.

i started with a shakerjet whisperlite on the mississippi and had problems with sand cloging the jet so i switched to the cheap single burner coleman that has doesnt have a fine jet to clog… no problems since… tho a bit of a PITA in strong wind

Have one for years
My mother in law gave one of the powermax double burner stoves to my #1 son about seven years ago when they first came out. I love the stove for my uses, easy fast and simple. with the only warning that the fuel cannisters are avilable every where, and they are not cheap. I went through 4 1/2 cannisters on a 10 day trip, cooking three times a day with about four scouts using it so it was a little more then one cannister every 10 days…

Superfly absolutely.
The Superfly is a great stove. Boils h2o in 3 minutes, and I usually get about 1 to 1-1/2 hours of burn (plenty for many trips).

Its small and light (packs inside my cooking kit). No maintenance required either. Electronic ignition doesn’t work for beans but, never expected it to. Sales and marketing, you know how it is. I’ve used it in warm weather, and conditions around 0 degrees F.


hey greg
I was in your neck of the woods the other day.

What is the name of that pond/river down the road from you?


Berry’s Pond ??
Berry’s Pond is on a branch of the Tyger River the South. There is a store there with a put in. you can paddle from there up to just past I85 most of the time I haven’t been up there ths year so I don’t know if there are any trees blocking the river. My first spring trip I usually take my chainsaw. I am planning on paddling around on sunday and dooing a little fishing. I live about a half mile from it. It’s not a bad place to play around in only electric motors are on it.


Anuther vote for Apex II
used mine for back packing for years, works great, simmers great, a good feature for 1 pot meals. also i like the liquid fuels, as you can use them for a quick fire starter if you have too.

Coleman Xponent stoves are great!
I’ve had my Xtreme since they first came out years ago…I am a bit confused with some of the above posts. I have used mine with temps of 10 below zero and have never needed to warm the canisters. I also use mine with the MRS windscreen and have for many years…like with most stoves, fuel efficiency is greatly improved with a windscreen. The fuel can be sent…how do you think REI sends them when you order ? (I’ve heard UPS now adds a surcharge of $20…bla! to them!) They have to go surface mail…I have a box I got from Cabela for sending them. I buy the Powermax canisters when they’re on sale and have never, ever, used more than 2 canisters on a 10 day trip…I have a car-camping Coleman stove with one burner and a grill and the double-burner Xpedition stoves, both of which also use PowerMax canisters. I had a problem with my original Xtreme after 2 years of use…the fuel line frayed. I emailed Coleman about it…they sent me a replacement line free of charge…unfortunately, I had already taken the stove to REI and, although I had no receipt, in fact, I told them I wasn’t even sure I had purchased the stove through them, they gave me a new stove…so, I have a spare fuel cable…Coleman gives great customer service…and, after almost 10 years, the Powermax canisters are becoming more common, not less…


I have a Coleman extreme, also have an Esbit and a Plumber’s stove. I love the Coleman extreme, never a problem, never had a problem finding fuel. I’ve doen sea kayaking overnighters, it packs great. I’ve also taken it on backpacking trips up on the AT without ANY failure.

I think the stove is a great choice for kayak camping. I do, however, always carry my Esbit stove as a backup (just in case).

Lastly, if you’re in the ultralight mood, may want to look at the Trangia 28.