Anyone have any info on the coleman fastback inflatable kayak, good , bad ? Thanks, Thom

Thom. what kind of boat do ya have now?
I don’t know what the Coleman looks like, but I doubt it’s for Lake Erie unless ya want to hang around the put -in. I’m in Avon and I paddled with the Bradstreet group on Tuesday for the first time. It was a nice paddle and I plan to make it out with them again next time. Maybe you should make your way down to the ramp and see what kind of stuff people have. That’s probably the best way to see what your needs for gear might be.

inflatable kayak
Thanks,for the info, when does Brad st meet and what time ? thanks a bunch, Thom. p.s. I have a 10’ inflatable, kind of slow, and a 14’ skin on wood frame that I have not used very much.

Bradstreet meets…
on Wednesday nights at Bradstreet Landing at 5:30 Check out their website at