Coleman Kayaks

Hey! Has anybody ever used any kayaks from this company? I am starting out and would like a cheap inflatable to practice paddling in. I know this one is a cheapo but will it get me across a lake and down calm rivers? Thanks for all the help!

I got a cheap
Stearns inflatable a few years ago. I would recommend agianst getting 1 unless ya spend $300+ and get something better. A cheap inflatable will float ya , but will not perform nearly as well as a hard boat. If you want a inexpensive rec. boat I see Dunhams selling a coleman 9’ rec. boat for a little over $200 here.

And the Old Town Otter is only $50
or $60 more at lots of places. Rent a kayak or arrange a demo with an outfitter and try the real thing. My experience with inflatables is they don’t track well, the wind blows them around, and they don’t paddle as well. Of course, that’s from a long time ago and the newer white water inflatables look pretty good.

Buy a used boat

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You can get good used kayaks for $200-300 dollars, these will be sit on tops or whitewater kayaks. A good source is here in SoCal is people have all kinds of good stuff, probably in your area too, also some deals on Ebay and local papers and stores.
Not a good reason to buy a cheap inflatable. You will still need paddle and PFD,

I would advice keeping away from it.
It will get you across the lake perfectly on a calm day just as an inner tube will, but if the wind comes up you might spend the night on the far side.

Last winter down in Key Largo, the good doctor who was camping next to us had one, and the only time he could use it was in the early morning before the wind came up.

He had just retired and this was his first experience kayaking, and he was one frustrated paddler watching us go out and stay out all day long.

We advised him to get a rec kayak, and he vowed that the first thing he was going to do when he got home was get one.



Thanks for the info guys! Keep it coming!