Coleman Ram 17 decal

15 yr. old canoe in great shape but my decals are pretty much gone. Cannot find replacements on the Internet. Any suggestions?

go paddling

Not to poke too much fun at this, …
… isn’t that a bit like doing restoration work on a Yugo? Clarion is right. Go have fun with your boat.

I looked online and couldn’t find a place that sold the decals. I believe Pelican is producing these canoes and their site states that they no longer place decals on their canoes.

It’s a shame that there are so many elitist here who believe that if you don’t pay thousands for your boat it’s not worth the effort to make it look nice.

Thanks for the replies
I know all of the jokes/comments about Coleman Ram canoes but it works for when I need it. See, I’m a yakker but when my 81 yr old dad wants to go I got to take the ole canoe. It’s a tank, but it will hold a g’zillion lb’s and my brother and I can scoot him and us around pretty easily and dad feels safe. I just want it to look a little nicer. Thanks for all the suggestions.

How 'bout some nice fish stickers?

Get some Mad River rabbit decals
for prestige. Or, maybe AARP has some decals.

It would be fun to paint some WWII B-17 gals on the boat, but RamX doesn’t hold paint that well.

no elitism
guys said to enjoy the boat and go paddling. Aftermarket stickers are where it’s at anyways. I really like my Sunoco sticker on my primary OC1. High performance!

Best canoe is Wickerbutts; got darn near every canoe mfg. sticker on it.

Lemme know …
… if you find a source for the Coleman stickers.

I’d like to put them on my new $3,000 Placid Boatworks “Shadow” so no one steals it off my car …


I’m impressed
Do you really believe that anyone cares about how much you paid for your boat. Grow up.

my canoe is better than yours
My canoe is made by haughty mountain paddling gear, even if you could find it you would not be able to afford it. My yokes are made of petrified wood and bald eagle. My painters are the hair of unicorns. My hull is from the Galapagos turtle. I only paddle on the tears of those that are not as good as me.

AAA stickers on me’ boats
Free towin’ off any rock nationwide…


My canoe is …
Now that’s funny

Oh, Jeeze …
My intention was not to impress but to amuse (I guess I forgot to add the smiley emoticon).

  1. If I were truly that status-conscious, I’d probably look for an elite-name-brand sticker to put over my Coleman decal, not the other way around.

  2. I in fact do not currently own a canoe, and when I did, it most assuredly did NOT cost $3000. I believe an old beat-up Coleman that gets you on the water is worth far more than any Kevlar beauty that you’re afraid to get wet …

    See you on the water!