Coleman Scanoe

First all I do not begin to believe that my canoe? is much of a star, but it does, and has repeatedly taken me where I want to go. But using a canoe that is more like a displacement hull does have a few drawbacks. It is nice that the Scanoe has a beam of nearly 43", so it is stable. I use what I have, and its been long paid for. The biggest drawback of having a wide beam, is that its quite a reach to put the paddles into the water, much less have any strength to draw it through the water for propulsion. I need to buy new paddles for it, but am struck at the number of models, styles, length, material, etc. What would be a good design for this application. This canoe does have a square stern, and can take up to 5 hp gas. I currently use a very old Shakespear electric trollong motor. A true prize at a yard sale about 8 years ago. It is small, but the battery usually gives me about 5 hours crusing time. but I do not use the trolling motor all the time, (remember DISPLACEMENT hull canoe.)

Thanks in advance for any usable comments.


some kind of oar setup. I’ve seen them on the web and I believe others have posted about them. Might be a lot easier than trying to paddle as you can row facing forward and back. Food for thought.


Ditto on the Oars
Oars can be a great equalizer. Just as they can make a really sweet boat design absolutely fly, they will make even a real pig move along in style. Just don’t use oars that are any shorter than 7 feet. Eight feet is better. Also, you may need to provide a center seat that is lower than normal, so the oar handles clear you knees and thighs (sit too high and you’ll have trouble depressing the handles enough to lift the blades from the water). You’ll need to be able to extend you legs out in front of you (toward the rear of the boat) and have something to brace your feet against. Otherwise you won’t be able to pull hard on the oars.

Good luck.

By the way, all canoes, the worst ones and the best ones, are “displacement” boats. Some just move through the water more easily than others.

Oars or…
Order a 9’ Double Blade Canoe Paddle from Mohawk. The are a tad heavy, but you get used to them. Good deal too for less than $50 plus shipping.