Coleman white gas fuel....

Does anybody know if there is a shelf life for Coleman fuel? Also, I was gonna buy a gallon can of it the other day, but right next to the gallon was a so-called premium blend in a quart(?) plastic bottle. Could it really be a better blend than the regular stuff or is it a marketing gimmick? I googled it and it’s supposed to be naptha and pretty stable for quite a while, but I’ve got a half used gallon with a price sticker that says $3.99 and the current price is $8.99 so it’s been sitting around for a while. The premium blend is $5.99 so it’s only 3 more bucks for the gallon…

I’m still using Coleman fuel…
that’s been around for at least 6+ years. It works, no stove issues using it in an MSR Dragonfly.

Same here
Never had any trouble with it no matter how old it was.


I tried it in a 30+ yr old peak 1 today,
and it seemed to be ok. I’m gonna do some cold weather camping this fall and I’ll be using a whisperlite as well as the Peak 1. I just wanted to rule out any trouble with the stoves if I could…

No kiddin’ - 20 years

– Last Updated: Oct-25-09 9:03 PM EST –

Ah's still usin' 20 (maybe more) year old Coleman fuel an' it's still good. It waar $1.99 a gallon an' ah' bought 5 gallons at dat time. Down ta me last gallon in a rusty can. Jus' bought a gallon last week at CampMor fer $10.99.


I’ve used it in our Coleman and SVEA
after long storage periods, and have never had a problem. I guess if you want to be cautious, you could pick up a bottle of fuel stabilizer at an auto parts store, but Coleman fuel is (as you implied) so much simpler than unleaded gasoline that stabilizer might have no function.

Biggest potential problem
in my view is failure of the tin-plate in the can, leading to dust flakes. Seen it happen myself.

Filtering with a Coleman funnel ought to solve any debris problems. I too have used fuel “past it’s prime” with no problems in Sveas and MSR stoves.


I wouldn’t add anything to it…
…as you never know what the additive might do to your stove, especially to rubber/plastic parts.

I agree with the others…

– Last Updated: Oct-26-09 11:39 AM EST – long as the can isn't rusting/flaking inside, the fuel seems to work just fine. I've got cans that are 20+ years old and it burns just fine. A fuel funnel with a screen in it should be all you need in a worst case situation.

If you have fuel that you are hesitant to use in a stove, it still makes an excellent degreaser for bicycle chains and such, so don't toss it. It 's a good solvent that doesn't leave any appreciable residue. Just don't use it around open flames.

me too
I too have wondered if Liquid Boyscout had a shelf life too. SOmetimes after a cold winter…i find the fuel that was in the tank the previous year seems a little sluggish…Ive been usuing to quart bottles MORE out of convience sake…since they fit in smaller places than the big lousy jug, plus you dontneed to bring the big jug but smaller bottles…Better YET…refill the quart jugs for each trip from the bigger can.

red nalgene fuel bottles…
I have a couple as well as a couple Sigg bottles that I refill from the gallon and I do have the filler filter with the felt ring in it. I guess I’m good to go… thanks fore the input

Red Nalgene fuel bottles?
Why did you tell us about those?

That puts your life in danger.

They could fetch a pretty penny.

I’ve been told they’re much sought after
for some reason, they’re not available anymore as you must know…

I store mine outside in a shed on my proch and it seems to evaporate even when sealed.

I amthinking of moving it inside but… fumes???

The container must be leaking…
…as I’ve never had that problem, regardless of where the fuel is stored.

it was new from the store
but sounds like perhaps i got a bad can???

I n=make a point of NOT storeing the fuel in my bottle.

When I get back, I put the remaining fuel from my bottle back into the can as If there is going to be seal-compression, I’d rather it be on a can I’ll replace when I buy new fuel ocer my stove or carry-bottle.

I have cans . . .
. . . of Coleman fuel which are probably ten years old. No problem with it. I mostly use unleaded gas in my Coleman lamps and stoves. It doesn’t burn as cleanly but it sure is cheaper and easier to get in the boonies.