Color code

Can anybody help me figure out the gelcoat manufacturer / color code for an aquamarine Necky looksha? Necky really can’t give me much help.Beautiful color that I’d like to reproduce but I’d who to contact. Not sure if this board will let me post an image

You might try Googling “Llewellyn Ryland Colour Chart” commonly used for gelcoat color. See if you can get a close match. Take it to a marine shop or yard that does gelcoat to see how much of which tints to use, or maybe they’d be willing to custom mix some for you.

Color code
Google “RAL Chart” and see if you can match the gelcoat color by RAL number.

Older boats also likely will have some aging in the color, which changes the color. So getting the actual color code and manufacturer may not get you the same color.