Color Pigment for Epoxy

West Marine sells pigment that can be used for coloring epoxy.

Does anybody know what coloring pigment is and whether it can be had at retail stores for non-marine-store prices?

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

Check this out…

from this thread

Jamestown Distributors
JD has it too and some helpful online videos including one about mixing pigments. I just tried it out for the first time and was surprised how little pigment was actually needed.

watch out for west marine, some things are very competitive prices like shirts, electronics but a lot of things are way out there in price like 2" foam brushes or ss. hardware.

Beware those pigments in the kits …
Usually not Epoxy based, are often old and chunky and will inhibit full cure if you use too much of them.

System Three colors work pretty good.

If you want unlimited color choices that can have spectacular effects, use the .99 cent arcylics from any art store. You only need a tiny bit of them and they work great. Greens and yellows will fade pretty quickly if you keep the parts in the sun.

the gel patch kits?
you mean the ones with little 1.5gram squeeze tubes? Yep,not too good.

Acrylic–that sounds good
Acrylic artist paint sounds good. Cheap, and any color you need. Sounds good. And it works with epoxy, right? I’m on it, test a little first, I guess. Thanks.


Reds are also lousy at
Colour fastness.

Taking stock :
Lets see…

Red - fades

Green - fades

Yellow - fades

We’re running out of colors here.

When everyone speaks of tinting resin, are they talking about making it translucent or completely opaque?


Translucent, mostly.
I’ve bought lots of epoxy stuff from Fairly priced and knowledgeable people.

what’s the application?

They worked fine for me

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I've used them several times. They're not epoxy based, but neither are the pigments sold for tinting epoxy. I've compared the pigments sold for use with polyester resin and those sold for epoxy and they're identical, except that West Systems sells their epoxy products for a lot more. You can compare the MSDSs for the products and see. For that matter, a simple "sniff test" will tell you all you need to know (they smell the same and don't smell like polyester resin or epoxy).