Colorado 400c or Oregon 400c gps

I am planning on getting another gps to replace my old Garmin E trex. Have any of you had experience with the Colorado 400c or the Oregon 400c and what’s your opinion about them? Also, what’s your opinion on the coastal blue charts loaded on them?

We have both
I have the colorado my wife has the Oregon. Both are very easy to use. My wifes Oregon is all touch screen my Colorado has a wheel. Look them up on the internrt. We are both very happy with them. Blue Waters is great so far. Much easier to use than etrex. Use them fore kayaking Chesapeake bay and surondind rivers. And for running.

I remember when the Colorado came out some people were saying there were software problems with it, has it worked ok for you?

search on pnet
hi …enter " garmin gps " into the pnet search engine for more links on this subject.

garmin colorado
No problems so far. But use lithim batteries. I did down load software updates/fixes after I bought the unit this April.

maybe that was all that was needed
I got a 76csx and held off on the fancy ones. Amazing equipment.

gps blue charts
The Oregon 400c and Colorado 400c come loaded with coastal blue charts, however, do you have to pay a fee to use the loaded charts? Like a fee for each section?

You don’t have to
pay extra for what comes load on them. You do have to pay for additional maps. We have the TOPO for the North East. Call the people at and question them. And you can call Garmin directly.

Bought Oregon 400c last August
So coming on a year, it has worked wonderfully for me. Super charting, very accurate. Touchscreen technology is familiar to iPhone users. Bright screen and intuitive layout. Super convenient when paired with the velcroed marine mount accessory. I never had software problems, but I am religious about software/firmware updates. Put a 4GB micro SD card in and loaded Topos for the eastern 1/2 of the US and Street Maps for the entire US plus the included Blue Charts ROCK! This puppy is loaded! Only drawback I have found (besides price) is some glare issues, but maybe I need prescription sunglasses. IMHO it has earned its stripes.

Reviews of Oregon 400C from Amazon
I have been considering this unit myself, but you may want to read some of the reviews of the Oregon 400C on Amazon.