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So I probably shouldn’t mess with Mamas and the Papas lyrics. Nevertheless, this Virginia boy is going to be in Colorado on a “hardship tour” of Estes Park, Steamboat Springs, and Denver in early July and I want to do some trout fishing.

Does anybody have recommendations for a trout guide? I’m hoping to do moving water - I’m kind of a river guy. Drift boat fishing is pretty big out there, right? That’d be great! Any help is appreciated.

What are the rivers like? Little bitty affairs where I’ll need a 7’ rod to keep from getting caught in backcasts or big honking rivers where a 9’ might be too short?

Oh, and to tie it to paddling advice, um, drift boats are rowed not paddled right? Good. Thanks.

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you won’'t have a problem finding guides in the steamboat area just pick up a phonebook. Fishing is good on the yampa and elk river.visit the local fly shops in the area and find the outfitter that you like. I recomend floating the colorado anywhere below gore canyon{summit county guides} to eagle county area {vail area guides}. a favorite of mine is pumphouse to state bridge on the co below gore canyon big fish. just caught a nice 22 inch rainbow the other day it was sick, biggest one I’ve caught in awhile. can’t help you with estes park just alot of elk there, and denver has alot of cars. let me know if you got anymore ?'s.

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I agree with powderdays22. I always check with the local fly shops as they will know whats hitting and can supply a local asortment. Lol, I don't go to denver and estis park although pretty, is to crowded.

Thanks for the responses
You guys have hit on exactly the kind of guides I like. The ones associated with big shops are always of good quality, but usually expensive as well. If you can find some guy who’s handy with a fly rod and knows his water and figured he’d make a go of it with this guiding thing, those guys are almost always every bit as good as the big shop guides, frequently less polished and more fun, and less expensive. I’d prefer to have someone booked before I arrive so that I don’t screw myself out of a trip as happened to me when I tried the “wait and see” approach for salmon in Washington one year.

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