Colorado flat water

I recently moved to Colorado Springs and am trying to find some good spots to do some flat water kayaking. My household goods have not arrived yet, so I am intersterd in places that also rent kayaks. I currently have a Necky Manitou Sport Kayak since it was cost effective and pretty versatile, not to mention easy for my 5’3" 105 lb. frame to get up on my car rack, but overall I think I want to get soemthing more comfortable and a lot more sleak. I prefer to stick to flat water but am interested in a kayak that can handle mixed water conditions. Any suggestions?

If anyone is in the Colorado region who knows of a dealer that takes trade-ins that info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Near your neck of the woods, you can paddle at Rampart Range Reservoir, very pretty with forest and mountain around it. I have mountain-biked the singletrack that goes around it but have never paddled it. It looks like it would make a fine day trip.

I have paddled several times at Eleven Mile Reservoir and highly recommend it, as long as you take the appropriate mindset and equipment for the cold water and potentially high winds. This is the last month that I would consider paddling it, and only while wearing a drysuit.

Pueblo Reservoir lies a little to your south. It is known for almost never icing over. I stay away from it in summer but in winter it is quiet (and more importantly, LIQUID).

Can’t answer your question about trade-ins. If your kayak might appeal to lots of people, you could try consigning it at sports consignment shops.