Colorado flatwater?

Does anyone have a suggestion for flat-water yakking in CO, especially Northern Colorado? My family and I have been having a blast at Horsetooth Reservoir outside of Fort Collins, CO. I have two kids, age 6&9, who can hold their own on the water for a mile or two if we take it slow, or all day if I tow 'em. My wife uses a SUP. My yak weighs 65 lbs and holds all of our camping gear, so ease-of-access is important.If I make the drive to Dillon, or Eleven Mile, for that matter, I want to be sure my kids will enjoy themselves. My family isn’t as easily entertained with a fly rod as I am… Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Lake Granby
or Shadow Mtn Res are all that comes to mind in Northern Colorado; Glendo in Wyoming

otherwise, Turquoise Lake is very nice with lakeside camping available - none of those are really day trips though

couple of small lakes up at Cameron Pass might be good too

Maybe Willow Creek Reservoir
It is part of the Granby complex, and only nonmotorized boats are allowed. This would be safer for your kids, and for towing.

Eleven Mile isn’t what I consider northern CO, and it tends to be windy. I liked paddling there but between the always-cold water and the frequent gusty winds, it’s not a great place for what you described.