colorado flood/Mississippi River

Does anyone in have an educated guess on how the floods in colorado will affect the lower Mississippi river? Thank you.

purely observational
But, not much.

Ryan L.

Not much
Even if the entire front range of the Rockies were severely flooded, that’s an awfully tiny percentage of the total area drained by the Mississippi. The proverbial drop in the bucket is currently a much bigger drop, that’s all. That’s the logic behind my best guess anyway.

A drop in the bucket. I’m down visiting
my daughter who lives a short walk from the Mississippi dowstream of New Orleans. It takes much more general, prolonged rain to bring the lower river up.

Here’s a good link

You can see the South Platte River spiked up about 10 ft but once it joined the North Platte the spike is only about 6.5 feet. Neither of these rivers are much compared to the Missouri. By the time all the other rivers join along the way to the Mississippi you may not even be able to see a bump on the graphs. is good for checking levels.



I attempted to paddle the lower miss this spring, and got chased off by floods. Coast guard shut down the section of river we were on. So now I am gun shy of flooding! I am trying again next week. Just six hundred miles left. Cant wait to get this done and over with. I know I am going in hurricane season now, but that is how my work schedule played out. Thanks for all your guys help. Made me feel much better.

very, very little
Danger of flooding this time of year. Too warm, no snow melt

Ryan L.

Good luck on your journey.
May it be safe, exciting and mind expanding.