Colorado paddling

I’m planning to take my kayak to colorado this summer for a week or so. I’m hoping to plan a 3 night river trip then car camp in a location where i can both paddle and do some scrambling or light hiking. Any suggestions on either? Thanks

What kind of water are you looking to paddle (flat, class I, II, etc.)? What kind of boat will you be using? What part of the state would you like to see?

If you want rivers, there are several, although they tend to lean more towards the WW stuff. For flatwater there are a lot of lakes and reservoirs, but not as many river options. Feel free to send me an email if you’d like to discuss further. I only been in CO for ~18 mos., but I could probably recommend a few things.

Colorado paddling
Feel free to contact me offlist and I will also see if I can point you in the right dirction, although I am mainly a flatwater paddler. I am lived here almost 10 years.


some ideas for Colorado paddling