Colorado River at Blythe

Will be going to Phoenix this weekend and will be stopping to paddle the Colorado at Blythe. Any suggestions on cool sites or must sees? Will be paddling the Zoar Sport and will have the sail rig for downwind cruising. TIA


Have fun Alan!
Here’s a link for you:

You may also want to check out the Havasu Springs area, if it isn’t too much fo a drive.

Colo @ Blythe
Whoops! This may be too late, but…

Paddled the section from 5 miles north to 5 miles south, about 2 weeks ago. We hit it just as a release came through and had a great paddle. Without the release…???

No really great sights (like the Topoc Gorge section better), but any day on the water with friends is a great day.


I’m back

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I had a great trip. Grandma's fine. 94 yrs. and sharp as a tack. I didn't do the Colorado. Low release rate made it less than inviting. I did get a chance to paddle Saguaro Lake. It's the lowest of a string of man-made lakes on the Salt River Project. I launched at 9:00 under cobalt blue skies with hawks and eagles soaring overhead. The walls of the canyon are lined with giant Saguaro, Barrel and other various cactus and chapperal. I paddled into the main lake and up a narrow canyon with towering walls. What looked like the end would dogleg and continue on and on. After exploring for a while I turned around and ventured up into a narrower more labyrinthian canyon maybe 40-50' wide with towering walls and overhangs. After about 1/2 mile it became more narrow and shallow and looked like the end of the line. A curtain of cattails, tule, and an old snag blocked the way. It looked like more water on the other side so I back paddled scoped it out then RAMMING SPEED!! I punched through with the sound of reeds gently brushing my hull. Continuing for about another 1/2 mile water ended and the canyon became a large wash. I stopped there to stretch and explore a little. There were critter tracks at the waters edge. The silence was intense. I climbed the canyon wall about 50' to get a better look up the canyon and VVVVVVV-VVVVVVVVVV-VVVVVV... A Ruby Throat Hummingbird buzzed me and hovered just inches from my nose. It scared the bejeezus out of me. After a snack and a break I headed back. Great day on the water and a great destination. Saguaro Lake is 40 miles East of Phoenix. There is a day use area and marina on the lake and camping/lodging close by. Thanks to santacruzmidwife and cpf3 for the replies. I would love to shuttle the Colorado from Blythe to Imperial some day. It looks like a great adventure.