Colorado River Canoe Trips - Parker Dam, AZ To Blythe, CA

I’m looking for information on one day Colorado River canoe trips between Parker Dam, AZ and Blythe, CA. Specifically, what are good stretches of the river that are not too crowded with flat water, some cool geo features and put in and take out points. I’ll be canoeing with my wife and kids. We’ll be taking this trip at the end of October. Thanks

I asked the same thing as I was planning that stretch for my annual Vet’s Day paddle trip.
You can do one day from Parker Dam to Headgate Dam but I hear that is busy.
People who have done the entire run Hoover to Yuma, tell me that below Headgate scenery isn’t much. I calculated 20 miles days sleeping at KOA because most of the land is Indian Reservation.
After looking over the maps, I switched my Vet’s-Day Paddle to Topock/Havasu.

BUT, if you find anything worthwhile, please let me know.

If I were doing a section of the Colorado, it would be from Davis Dam to Lake Havasu. Actually, I would start at Lake Mohave above Davis Dam.and if the wind allowed, that would be where I’d spend my time. The wind might well be the limiting factor for any part you choose.

Most of my paddling on the Colorado has been above Lake Havasu–with some below Lake Havasu to Parker Dam.

No matter which part you choose, the wind is the limiter. If the north wind gets started, I’ve seen it blow 50 mph or better, night and day with no letup for days on end. So with any luck, you might find a period with the wind switched off. Bring lots of spf 40, or 50

Use Katherine landing at Lake Mohave and if you happen to chooe the river below the dam, I would choose the boat launch just upriver from The Riverside Parking lot on the Nevada side.

Under no condition would I leave a vehicle at any parking lot that was not well attended.