Colorado River- Parker to Blythe

Every Vet’s Day I do a trip in memory of my military buddies who have died this year. Each year there are fewer and fewer, probably because most have already died with perhaps a half-dozen of us left.
This year, instead of the Black Canyon (Hoover Dam to Cottonwood Cove) run, I am thinking of Parker to Blythe. Actually Headgate Dam to I-10 at Blythe/Ehrenburg.
I have the maps and noted a few campgrounds as overnights but what is there to see along the way?

BVetween Walters Camp and Squaw lake is: Draper’s Cabin, Watcher’s Cabin, Lonesome monument, the rock mill at the Picacho Ghost town, the tunnel into Long lake, the maze into Island lake, Nortons landing, the Pictographs and so on. Lots to see so what is there to see between Parker and Blythe? What places are good for camping that are NOT a KOA or such? Primitive is fine! I am not planning to put miles under my hull but am looking for a calm, leasurely paddle with stops to sightsee. It is only 60 miles or so over a week so easily doable.