Colorado River raft trip

Hello everyone.

I am in the process of organizing (through an outfitter) a 7 day/6 night raft trip down part of the Colorado river. This is a beautiful part of West. If any of you have visited Canyonlands National Park, you will agree with me. We will be going through the heart of CNP. The trip is being planned for starting approximately May 30, 2008. The trip will start above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers, and end at Hite Marina on Lake Powell. Because of the time of year, the rapids will be class 4 and 5. That is why I picked this time. Anyway, Because this is a custom trip, 7 days long, there should be time for several day hikes (also one of the primary goals of the trip) into side canyons along the way (bring your hiking boots). I need at least 10 people for the outfitter to schedule the trip. Right now, I am at 7. I would like to end up with a few more than the 10 minimum, just in case. If interested in joining me, or are even curious and would like more info, please write a reply and I will answer any questions you have. I have people from as far away as Washington St. interested, so please don’t feel that you have to live near me or near Utah to join the group. You just have to be adventurous and excited about rafting the Colorado River.


Update. I now have a firm put in date of May 22nd, 2008.

My wife and I might be interested. Although, that is when we are apt to head to the BW, but that can wait. I am familiar with rafting and the area (only in what I’ve read for years). Mostly, I’d want cost info. The rest will work out.

Raft trip
Hello Mark,

I am still looking for people to join the group, so I am glad you are interested. I have a put in date now. It is May 22nd, 2008. That is a Thursday. The cost is $1135.00 before the first of the year, and $1195.00 after the first of the year. The reason for the increase is because the outfitter is giving us this year’s price till the end of the year, and then anyone who hasn’t paid by then will have to pay next year’s rate. I am paying the full price just like everyone else. For that money, the outfitter will provide transportation from Grand Junction, Colorado to the put in, the rafts, guides, food, and transportation back to Grand Junction. There will also be inflatable kayaks available for our use. The trip is 7 days/ 6 nights. There will be day hikes into side canyons along the way (this should really be a lot of fun, with opporunities to see some great scenery). I am glad you would be bringing your wife. I don’t have any women signed up yet, but I have been hoping to have some go along. I think they add a valuable perspective. If you can thnk of any others that would be interested, please pass this along. So far, I have 4 men from Washington St., a man from Milwaukee, and man from Madison, and myself. There are also 3 or 4 others that have shown some interest. You can check out the outfitter at Just look for the Cataract Canyon trip. Also, you can contact me directly at

Thanks for your interest,


My wife and I did the trip in 1990

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with Worldwide River Expeditions. What an amazing trip. I have always wanted to go back. Since then I have
gone back and and did seperate trips on Lake Powell and did a sea kayak trip on the Colorado down to Spanish Bottom with jet boat shuttle back to Moab. The memories of that time spent out west are cherished. I am jealous and encourage anyone has hasn't been there to take the time and experience it for themselves. It is like no other place on earth.

tempting, very tempting
Reviwed the Cataract C trip @ outfitters site & looking to confirm few items:

Non-motorized rafts, correct ?

Launch is @ Potash boat ramp ? You mentioned “above confluence”. Potash is 48 miles above confluence & provides opportunity to float the best part of Colorado outside GCNP.

Wife & I canoed from Green R to Spanish Bottom @ head of Cataract then back up Colorado to Potash (saving shuttle fee) 3 yrs ago & were awed by scenery. Looking to return & float Cataract but it’s no place for an open boat.



Absolutely, non-motorized rafts. Because of the time of year that we are going and the size of the group, there will be a chase boat that will be motorized, but hopefully it will stay well out of our way and well out of earshot. There will be one oarsman (provided by the outfitter) on each raft, plus 4 or 5 group members.

You are right; the put in is at Potash boat ramp. I was vague about the put in. I apologize. If you take advantage of the shuttle service (as I am doing), the outfitter will pick you up in Grand Junction and return you there at the end of the trip. The raft trip is 97 river miles, so the return shuttle will probably be at least 2 hours, and probably more. I have done part of this float before also and I agree; the scenery is awesome. This time though, because of the length of the trip, we will not only be able to view the scenery, we will be able to get out into it. One of the goals is to get in as many day hikes along the way as we can.


Shuttle from Hite to Moab takes 1 hour
in a plane.

It is 160 miles by road.