Colorado River Water Flow

We are traveling to Marble Canyon Lodge for a full river rafting trip. Any feedback on the water level and the Arizona area? First time out there… thanks

The Bureau of Reclamation is doing some odd things with the diminished storage capacity of Lake Powell. The local joke around Flagstaff is that you need a “tide table.” You need a poop sheet that predicts the water levels for the dates you will be on the River.

The GC is a pool and drop river and most of the rapids are formed by rock debris that accumulates at the mouths of the canyons. Some are caused by resistant sedimentary rock formations
or knick points.

At high flows, many rapids wash out, but some generate enormous hydraulics that thrash boats and make a mockery of choosing a line.

At low flows many are easier, but a few like Horn Creek get really bony and narrow with little room to maneuver. I went on a commercial trip at low flows with big J rig and a 25 hp motor. Horn Creek was the one rapid that made the guides really tense. We got thrashed in Lava Falls but that never surprises anyone.

Thanks for the feedback. Going with Outdoors adventure in a 12 day paddle from Marble Canyon to Lake Mead. Hope the water Gods are kind to us… Appreciate the info… Send a note if it changes… thanks

For what its worth, USGS real time will show you the flow in cfs on thousands of rivers. From their home page you can navigate to Arizona and then Lee’s Ferry or just go there directly:
Looks to be about half the normal flow for this time of year. The daily spikes would be the dam upstream matching air conditioner loads.

The Grand Canyon gets a lot of press, but there are plenty of runs above and below the GC to consider for river trips.

I enjoyed the lower river from Blythe to Yuma one February. I have never been on a trip quite like it.