Coloring Epoxy

The inside of all my composite boats are white, while my epoxy resin is clear with a brown tint to it. What do I mix with the resin to make it white or “almost white”?

white color for epoxy
Go to a marine box store such as West Marine. They sell coloring paste to coloring resin for repairs on boats. I think it is made for polyester resin, but it works with epoxy. Use as little as possible to get the shade you want.


I’m curious- Why is the inside of all
your composite boats white? I’ve owned a bunch of composite boats, and seen many, many more, and I can’t even remember seeing a boat that’s white inside.

Did you mean outside??

White inside
My Valley Nordkapp and Wenoah canoe are both white or off-white on the inside.

In my Nordkapp I’ve rubbed holes through the fiberglass under my heels (wear from pumping feet during forward stroke). I plan on repairing this and also adding a couple layers to stiffen up the area where the boat rides on the saddles on the roof rack.

I don’t need the repairs to be invisible but I figured close to the same color would be nice.

for that application
I’d suggest not tinting it so you can see subsequent wear. You gotta be very neat with white tinted epoxy as any little bit leaves a white mark, like a gloved finger touching the deck/coaming, if you use it have a rag with alcohol nearby to wipe it up immediately. I repaired a friends CD Extreme where he wore half way into the core with his heels. Put in three layers of 6oz cloth with a final patch of polyester cloth over that. If your wear spots aren’t structural, just part way into the glass consider polyester cloth as it’ll be more wear resistant than just glass.

And, when polyester wears, it won’t
produce itchy fibers inside the boat.