coloured deck Lines & bungies

Would anybody know where to order or purchase yellow

or different colour bungies or deck lines. Thx

You can try NE Small Craft
last time I was there they had a pretty good selection of bungee and deck line.
Neocorp has good bungie - factory overruns can be very inexpensive. And they’re a p-net sponsor as well.

The best option I came up with . . .
after searching the Web was a rope company (specializing in climbing rope), located in Georgia or South Carolina I believe, that offers a 4mm rope that is both retro-reflective and glows in the dark. Really great stuff.

I searched throughout my notes tonight, looking for their name, and couldn’t find it. Perhaps some googling on “reflective rope” will help you find the site.

My main concern regarding deck lines is that, since they cannot be bungee (too weak), the ropes are prone to stretching (especially nylon)when wet. This can leave them slack - which is more than sloppy-looking, but a possible problem if you (or a fellow paddler) needs to grab a deck line.

I chose these deck lines (high tensile strength for their diameter, reflectivity and glow-in-the-dark) for our boats and rigged them with a length of bungee at each end, as follows: rope and bungee tied together at each end on both sides of the boat, 8" from pad eye, with rope wrapped in spiral around tensioned bungee, with both rope and bungee tied in together to the pad eye. The rope is thereby held in continuous tension by the bungee (no loose rope). Grabbing the rope allows some flex and shock-absorption before both rope and bungee are pulled taut. This rigging keeps the rope in a taught, easily grab-able, 3/8" height above the deck. At some point, I hope to do a brief article, with some pictures, but hopefully this will give you some idea of this deck line rigging option.

deck lines should not
be tight.

Several publication from very reputable Sea Guides mention that tight deck lines will prevent the person in need to grab one easily in an emergency.

Droopy deck lines might not look sharp but are safer.

Furthermore, the recommended minimum diameter deck line should not be less than 6 mm.

A 4 mm rope will be too thin to grab if needed and possibly cut your hand.

I know that some manufacturer ship kayaks with thin deck lines but that does not mean they are safe

(considering that some manuf. don’t provide deck lines at all).

West Marine
my wife and I were in one on SC coast and she scored some very nice discountinued 5 mm line for cheap as well as bright blue bungee at 4 cent per foot (reg 20 something. Gnarlydog is correct on larger size, however many deck fittings do not accept line that size.

Second West Marine

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Particularly Sta-Set line. It comes in various colors and diameters and it's polyester, so it's low stretch.

edit - I've seen various colored bungie there too.