columbia outdoors footwear

I have a discount coupon ticket for one Columbia outdoors product.

I was looking at the footwear and wondering what people who have their footwear think of it. I love the shirts and hats but have too much clothes now. Also getting 40% off makes some expensive gear affordable…

can;t vouch for their footwear
But leery to try. Their outerwear used to be good. Now its pure crap…

My Boots Are A-OK
I’ve had a pair of Columbia waterproof hiking boots for about a year now - comfortable and they do keep my feet dry and warm. Tag says Made in China, but hey, what isn’t these days? They are a tad heavier than others I tried at the time, but nothing else felt as good out of the box.

I’ve got two
A pair of boots that I got maybe 8 or 10 years ago. They don’t get much use, but are comfy and waterproof.

I bought these

last year for a trip to Finland. Used them around Helsinki, and for snow showing and dog sledding north or the Arctic Circle. They hurt my shins for the first few days, but now they are comfy. Warm and waterproof.