Columbia River Water Trail

I’ve made a website for the Columbia River Water Trail We paddled it early this fall, and found it to be an awesome destination for a ~2 week paddle. We would have liked to have a concise, up to date, easy to use resource with all the necessary paddling information… but didn’t find one… so I created this user-edited wiki. Hopefully, people with local knowledge can add to this site to make it become a great resource.

Adding sites for commercial interest is okay too - as long as the place is within walking distance from the river.

Thanks for all the hard work!

well now…
a simple google search would have turned this up:

you re-invented the wheel.


new site is a wiki
The official water trail web site is static (as are other resources, like the water trail book), where the new site is a wiki. So people can add and edit information on the new site, allowing for more details and additional points of information than the original water trail site has.

now I get it!

very cool.


velly velly cool

Thanks for your reply… beyond What Peter said, much of the information on the other Columbia River site was inaccurate. Many a boat launch ramps that supposedly existed were impossible to find. Also, several of the coordinates are inaccurate. Lastly, you can’t take the other site with you on the river (unless you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection from your kayak).

The beauty my new Columbia River Trail website is that you can download the entire database into your GPS / or Palm pilot. You can download the entire database here:

For those who are not GPS enabled, you can still procure a list of sites with a brief description here:

Hopefully this explains the re-invention of the wheel…