Columbia SC radio protocol

Now that I am in Columbia SC, I am wondering what is the protocol for signaling with a marine radio on Lakes. Lake Murray is 45 miles long and definitely bigger water so I was wondering what the protocol is and who monitors boating there. Is it the police and fire people? Is it channel 16?

Swedge or whoever else is around?


did an 8 miler on Lake Murray on Sunday and a couple of 4 milers yesterday and today…water surprisingly calm and temperatures ok.

did Sparkleberry Swamp on Saturday! That was fun.

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this sat on the Edisto. You will have rare priveledge of meeting the p-net famous String, the ever Ellusive WaterBuffy and several other charaacters so disreputable that they have to be p-netters!


Nothing like getting your question

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answered - and I don't have a clue , but Bubba, God Bless Him, would answer a distress call faster than anyone.
Like any woman, you need the proper bait for Waterbuffy - a good wine might work. famous? that and a buck gets you a Coke.
And welome to SC! We have a beautiful state and really nice people.

Here is a coverage chart

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for the coast guard. Unless where you are falls in one of thses areas you will not likely raise anyone with a vhf radio.

They have radios in S.C.???

Lake boater CB protocol
To get help from other boaters on inland lakes use “CB protocol”.

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I can’t!
going down to florida on Wednesday and making it a long weekend with the family. Taking the OI down to do some ocean paddling which I miss allready!. I gotta get to Charleston and environs the following weekend to check out put ins and areas to paddle.

Please let me know when you put another paddle together. I am definitely in.


yes, doubtful marine radio has any merit
but consider ham radio…I would bet that there is a 2 meter repeater —well probably more than one-- near lake murray, if you get in a bind there is always a ham operator listening in…on the last 19 of 23 section hikes on the AT i’ve found some kind old geeser scanning the waves…yeasu even makes a waterproof model the VX-7R

here is a list of 2-meter repeaters in s.carolina:

You’ll have to take a little quiz to get a ham liscense but 911 and katrina have shown yet again that ham is alive and well

The radio i use plays MP3s L Really even On lake Marion you are still pretty close to shore, and the general populace. A cell phone DOES work out on that lake.


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Channels the same as for coastal areas. Lack of Coast Guard coverage does not mean NO coverage...All commercial vessels and large private craft are required to maintain a VHF radio on Channel 16. Lake Murray has Both.

Most of the large Marinas are also on Channel 16, especially those who offer Gas Delivery / and Tow services. (Many Large fresh Water Marina's also have Marine Operator connections that allow phone calls).

Listen to channels 22 and 23 for the Coast Guard public broadcasts of their location, frequencies etc...if you get those, you are most likely within range of a repeater, you can reach them, probably in another state, and they can make the connections for you locally...(emergencies only).


Marine VHF
If you are using a marine VHF you might as well do it right.

Hailing is done on channel 16, sometimes 9. Those are standards set by the coast guard. You monitor 16 all the time. To talk to someone Start with your name “This is”----" calling “-----”. repeat then wait.

If they respond, you switch to a working channel say " “------” switch to channel 68"(or what other open channel you want). You need to get a list of channels to let you know what ones are open, which are reserved for special use. At the end of the conversation finish by saying your name, then “switching back to 16”.

If you get in life threating trouble you call a Mayday on 16. If you are in trouble but you think you can get out you can call a “pan pan” just to let people know you are having problems. That gets them alerted in case it your situations worsens or you don’t call and cancel the “pan pan” with an all clear. At all times calling these you must identify yourself.

If you are going to be causing some type of hazard to navigation, group kayak race across a channel etc. you would post a “securite’” (sec-yur-it-eigh") stating where and when.

You might want to pick up a marine VHF pamphlet at a chandlery or pop by the coast guard office.

Of course!
This ain’t North Carolina you know!



thanks Sloopsailor
Will definitely do that.

I understand Lake Murray can be hazardous with so much motor boat traffic so wanted to know what my options are.


sloopsailor only forgot one thing…
when in SC your transmissions should always include “y’all” in there somewhere.

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Oprah for correct pronunciation???
He now lives in SC.Even Yankees who have lived here say Ya’ll.

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and I’ll talk to you.

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I plan to!
Now that i am in the area I am really looking forward to meeting up with you and Kudzu and everyone at the mudflat rangers etc.

I don’t know if you recall or not Jack but I did meet you at the last Bogey and Bacall with Frank and Sally. I was in the skin boat along with Larry Baker doing rolls while the race was beginning. I got a chance to see your bride’s new QCC.

Too bad no Bogey and Bacall this year…wonder if it will ever come back?


OK, I’ll bite…
What are or who is “the Mudflat Rangers”?



mudflat rangers are a paddling group in the Raleigh area.


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gamecock game. watched it on tv. Coming back up today I saw numerous buses and cars all sporting the gamecock logos…y’all take this stuff seriously up here don’t you?