Columbia, SC

Can anyone tell me where the best place to paddle in the area is? I am in the area and need to know where my time will be best spent. I am a SOT paddler…with a 10 yr-old daughter that paddles with me. Thanks!

No Input???
Surely, someone has something to say on the location.

I’d buzz over to Charleston and paddle somewhere in the Lowcountry. Plenty of stuff out there.

check out ‘Time Out’ a shop in Mt Pleasant.


Lake, slow river, short section of WW
Billy Dreher Island out of Chapin SC for a Big state park on Lake Murray. A cople of put-ins on Saluda River below the dam - Saluda River comes off the bottom of Lake Murray, several hundred feet deep, cold year round. The “Big Rapids” near the old grist Mill at West Columbia, then easy but rocky and shallow unless it rains sometime soon, thru Columbia , on down to flatwater past the old government locks in Cayce - DON’T go over the low head dam, go through the locks, take out at Old Congaree Landing off the Old State Road in Cayce.

Not enough water now to do Cedar Creek in the Congaree National Swamp, or Congaree Creek in Cayce.

Edisto is over by Orangeburg, not far.

Stay out of Charleston on the weekend unless you like traffic, boat and car. If you go there anyway, email me.


We are thinking of heading down to Charleston tomorrow.

We did the Saluda today…Saluda Shoals Park to SCG&E Gardendale take out. It was a nice trip, 3.5 miles saw a little wild life.

I will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow.

Thanks Again,


Cedar Creek
I actually went out to Congaree NP yesterday to check it out…pretty dry right now.

Any water is okay with us, short of Zoo Rapids, anyway.

Cedar creek on
the congaree is really nice if there is water. How far are you willing to travel? There are a couple of good races on June 10th. One in NC one in GA