Combination Racks

I recently went from a Toyota Tundra to a Subaru Outback, and I have to adjust how I can carry multiple boats, if I can at all. I own a Dagger Delta, a Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5, and a Wenonah Encounter. I’d like to have the ability to carry any two of the three boats on any given trip. The Outback has the factory racks. I’ve looked at Thule and Yakima, but I just get confused. Any suggestions? TIA

I have a Safari van with Thule bars and Malone AutoLoader racks. I can carry three boats without them touching each other. I bought my racks from I have a pair of AutoLoaders on each side and the middle boat just rests on the bars. They really have a great grip on the hull. I have a cedar stip boat and the racks have not even made a mark on the boat. The AutoLoader should mount directly to the factory rack. I chose the added security of the Thule bars.

re: Malone
That’s what I was looking for, thanks.