Combining Kayak Camping with Bouldering/Climbing

I have this vision…that likely won’t work out as well as I Imagine, of mixing kayak camping and bouldering/climbing: either boulders on land by the shoreline or even better would be rock walls, buttresses, arches that are along some deep(ish) water to play around on. Obviously this will require easy-paddling days. Maybe spend 1 day climbing and snorkeling, and paddle out.
I’m in Northeast US. Anyone know of any spots like this where we could have fun combining these 2 in New England/NY?

Verlen Kruger did that in the Grand Canyon with a partner. They did some of the climbing while bringing the boats.

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That sounds awesome! Literally opposite side of the country from me though.

The folks at Backpacker recently did something like this… climbing down to the Green river (if I caught the name correctly) and then inflating their boats for a float down river. Here is the video (river part is closer to the last half):

Utah (and Colorado too!): Backpacker Get Out More TV S2 Ep. 4 - YouTube

Sorry it has lots of product placement. I was disappointed they did not use PFDs for their dogs.


And Verlen & Steve did that while going UP stream.

And their boats were not inflatable.

Kayaking can be combined with a lot of other pursuits. Rock climbing a long way from help is riskier than normal. Something many people do not consider. Remote Arcitc rivers are often rated as more difficult because they are so far from civilization.

I recall reading about paddlers doing that in Maine, but I don’t know where. The coastline is certainly conducive to it in some areas, but I’m not sure what established routes there are, if any. You can probably find out by digging around online.

One caution, climbing carabiners corrode rapidly when exposed to salt water and will become inoperable pretty quickly. The only exception is wire-gate 'biners, which is what we use on our tow rigs. Even still, I wouldn’t trust them for climbing after having been used in salt water.