Combo Kayak and Utility Trailer

I thought I would post a few pictures of a trailer I just finished configuring as a combination kayak and light utility trailer (only 300 lb capacity due to very light springs). Not surprisingly, some people like using a trailer while some don’t. Some launches just aren’t good for trailers due to limited room or parking restrictions, plus you need room to store the trailer at home. But a trailer is perfect for my favorite launch and it is nice to be able to just plunk the kayak down right next to the shore.

However, I couldn’t see investing in a dedicated kayak-only trailer. It has to serve double-duty as a general purpose utility trailer too. So I have a Trailex SUT-350-S aluminum kayak trailer as the base (shortened by 3 feet), with some wood framing (last photo) to add a small flatbed, plus some removable sides of two different heights, and a lid to hide things inside. I also added some very light diagonal braces to the tongue. Before any of my modifications, I noticed that the tongue liked to flex horizontally, going into a bit of a resonance. The braces eliminated that.

Disclaimer: Trailex says don’t modify their trailers in any way or you could make them unsafe. “Not liable, warranty void, etc.” I do have to be conscious of the load limit of my one-leaf springs and keep the load properly balanced so I don’t stress the long tongue beyond a suitable tongue weight. The kayak in the pictures is 16 feet. So there’s still room for something longer plus clearance to open the hatch on the car.



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Nicely done!

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Very nice set-up. I imagine that having light springs appropriate for your load means that it rides well vs bouncing all over.

I like it! Nicely engineered.

No bouncing with the light springs so far, but I’ve only driven a few miles to a boat launch and done a test run with 320lbs of softener salt (slight overload under “controlled” conditions). I’ll haul this from Ohio to Maine in a few weeks and the big test is some sawtooth pavement around Wilkes-Barre, PA. My previous Harbor Freight trailer, similar in configuration but with three-leaf springs, would get airborne there from the bouncing.

Looks good!