Comfort Seat for Ellesmere

-- Last Updated: Feb-17-08 10:12 AM EST --

Anyone have or experienced this seat? It seems my main struggle is getting some level of comfort with marginal back support and trying to rig something up just isn't cutting it.At the rate I am going I wil spend more trying to make something already made.

Posture could be my main problem but it is kinda hard to undo 46 years of not sitting up straight.

u Buster
My wife has one and I can not sit in it. My observation is that it is definately not made for male anatomy. Good Luck.

The FG Seat
is uncomfortable in the nadular region but this seat doesn’t appear to have the bump.

Too bad the Original seat doesn’t work
for you. I really like the fibreglass seat in my Ellesmere…the big bump doesn’t bother me either.I have a similiar molded seat in my Pintail which is OK too but not quite as comfortable as the Boreal seat.

Sorry I don’t know anything about the Comfort seat but I just installed an NRS backband and NRS molded foam tractor style seat in my GF’s Chesapeake kayak. It seems comfortable sitting in it on the shop floor so we’re looking forward to spring paddling season to try it and make any final adjustments before I glue it permanently to the floor.

There are more
comfortable foam seats out there than the NRS version, at least IMHO :slight_smile:

More than I wanted to spend
but I have to be comfortable or it kinda defeats the purpose of going out to have fun.

Boreal worked with me on the price a bit and my back and I are grateful.

Just curious
I looked on the Boreal website and the photo and description of the Comfort seat isn’t real clear although it appears the backrest is hinged to the seat. I’m just wondering what the difference is between the two seats?

As I mentioned above I’m retrofitting another boat for my friend and have installed the NRS “soft” version of the tractor seat. It seems fine on the shop floor but we’ll know for sure when the outdoor season starts.

The challenge is that everyone has a different body geometry and what is perfect for one is awful for another as I learned after many years in the auto upholstery business where we often had to rebuild seats for people with back problems. After a bunch of tweaking we usually ended up with a satisfied customer however.

I’m just curious about the Comfort seat in the event the NRS seat doesn’t work out for her.



let you know in about ten days. I’m told to do more exercize, yoga, and stretching. My work is often back impact related. I just need a better starting point than the FG seat with the bump and the temp fixes I’ve tried up until now.