comfort seat for sit in kayak

I have the Perception Carolina 14, and was wanting a comfort seat

I’m quite happy with the back rest that came with the boat but would like a little more comfort for my bum, and when I’ve searched most seats are designed for S.O.T’s, will these work even though I only have the 2 anchor points not 4 like on SOT’s or is there a cheaper option?

build your own

…happy bottom seat.

Works For Us

We use this setup in our VOLKSKAYAKs - works a treat for our purposes. Keeps you really low in the boat, and we find them comfortable for several hours at a stretch. How it’d work for you in your kayak is an open question, but if you have a self-inflating camp pad and are removing the seat anyway, it wouldn’t cost anything to try…

Try This

Great seats and can be fitted to most (all?) sea kayaks.