comfortable ankle bootie

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Can someone suggest a comfortable, light weight, and inexpensive, (under $30.) shoe or bootie for warm weather kayaking.
I`m looking for something of ankle length that won`t pull off in the mud and will protect against glass and sharp objects.
I am sorta looking at dive booties and wondering which would be a good all around choice.

I like my NRS Attack Shoe. It has a

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beefy bottom with a zipper. It has Velcro straps to snug it up tightly. I've been in ankle deep mud with them and not a hint of coming off. As for comfort, I wear thick socks with these or with my NRS slip-ons.

Correction: It was not the "Attack Shoe" it was
the "Cross Wetshoe". Caught in the Pnet by Kkaykk. Thanks for keeping me straight.

MEC Lowrider
I just got a pair of these a couple months ago and so far, really like them. I can’t comment on the glass comment but these have a fairly thick rubber sole that has enough protection against sharp rocks.

They’re not very pretty but they are comfortable. Shock cord for adjustment. Easy to get on and off (wet or dry). I usually wear an 11.5 shoe but size 12 in these fit perfectly.

They’re under $20

Keen’s Water Bootie
- good traction and they actually stay on (even in that mud last Sat) there are two elastic straps on them - one around the ankle and one over the top of the foot - they call this the “sling capture system”

The attack shoe is good but at $70 it
is a bit pricey. They do not have a zipper. They are a slip on shoe with a velcro strap to tighten them on your foot.

NRS rodeo socks
about $30. Or just use beach shoes from Wallyworld Target Kmart etc…

Thanks for the suggestions.

Wal-Mart Water Slippers
They are usually under $10.00, have a hard sole and stay on pretty good. Because the tops are open-weave, they drain very well.

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