Comfy seat??

Looking for recommendations on a comfortable SOT seat. I’m tall so I think a high back might be better.

this one

I’m tall and I thought a high seat back
would be more comfortable too. Then I started hearing knowledgeable people argue in favor of a lower back band–even a “butt” band–just enough to encourage good posture. Well, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and I can report that they are right. If you paddle enough to develop torso muscles, a backband is superior to a seat back. For what it’s worth. My 2¢. My favorite seat is the Necky grey foam seat (now black).

High back seats are good for
chillin, but for serious paddling, your torso s/b slightly forward of 90 deg.Easier to bring your abs into it that way.

Seat comfort
Right on Bowrudder!!!I agree. For long range comfort get rid of the back band and sit up straight.