Comfy tush advice?!

Hi there. Just got my first kayak a month ago and am loving it (I got an Iqualit by Clearwater Design) though I think I would benefit from a lesson or two! My question however is this: are there any tricks of the trade to help out with one’s butt/tush/bottom getting “frozen”?? My search efforts in the archives were unsuccessful, so sorry if this is a repeat…Thanks much!

Minicell foam
Glued to the seat. Also, make sure that you move around and change position in there from time to time while paddling.

Thanks, Celia. I’ll check it out!

This type of minicell, but thinner. There are fit kits even on eBay, but this seller has great supply of minicell–I have bought from them many times.

Another source of foam and seat pads, although I have not tried these:

Squish cushion
don’t leave shore without one.

I’m getting a Bunhuggerz
From Seattle Sports $34.95 I think. It has an easily adjusted thickness which is important. I currently use a gel cushion and have been happy with it, but it started to leak after 2 years.



Comfy tush…
Thanks all for the great suggestions. Just spent five hours in my boat paddling around this unbelievably gorgeous pond an hour from where I live. Amazing aquatic plants and fish and birds and I was in heaven. And for some reason, not even sore today! But I will try versions of everyone’s advice and thanks again.

Try moving the footpegs back a click or
2 as well.

Here’s another supplier.
I haven’t dealt with them. Anyone else deal with So far I’ve been able to buy my minicel locally.

El-cheapo method:
You can buy a 3/4" thick latex foam seat pad in the hunting section of most sporting goods stores. I bought mine at Gander Mt. for $5 and love it. Another poster here, Hdove, liked it so much she glued it in permanently.

Also, when you pull your arm on the paddle, push with the same side foot into the foot peg. It’ll keep your circulation going through your entire lower body, not just your feet. This will help with numbness and pain.


comfy tush advice
Jim, thanks for that paddling advice. Just saw your reply! Haven’t been on the site for a week or so. I’ll definitely try your suggestion. Cindy