does anybody out there have any experience with the wilderness systems commander 140 compared to the nativecraft 14.5 ultmate solo.I read mixed reviews in terms of stability’tracking’comfort’ durability’ etc any help would be appreciated

I apologize I cannot compare or contrast but I will tell you the Commander 120 is the most comfortable kayak I own and I cannot imagine anyone would ever complain about stability, comfort or tracking. It is probably the most comfortable kayak i own (thanks to the dual seating options and the great WS seat), it allows me to stand and walk in it, and it is straight as an arrow.

It is the perfect attack vehicle for me and my lab. The thing you give up is you tend to really push through the water if you are going against the current and it is no speed demon. Tracking, stability and comfort are near perfect. Sorry if I am misunderstanding your post.

NWC 12.5
I had the Native 12’ model for a year. seating was very comfortable but overall not what i wanted. the boat sat low in the water ,not much freeboard,whether that was due to my 200#‘s is a guess, NOT a rough water boat at all…quiet waters only. i echo what the other poster said …it’ll plow if U try to paddle it too fast. I tried the 14’ w/ pedal drive and did not like it, ergonomics were all wrong for me. As far as stability, it was very stable, but not to the point i tried to stand and cast fish.To me the NWC was more a different hull designed canoe, than a kayak.

commander or ultimate
i have both, but 12 footers not 14. I like the ultimate for comfort and maneuvers better than the commander, the commander is a bit more stable and tracks a little better, my wife likes the commander because u have 2 seating options, both nice, commander a little heavier…