Commercial Baja Trips

Wondering about it; any advice? Good companies? Thanks.

Pacific Coast - Best is Aqua-Adventures

Jenn Kleck (sp?) owns the shops and is a 5 star BCU coach, and one of the best instructors in North America. She runs tours to Todo Santos Island and to sea caves on the Baja Coast that are unforgettable and just about an hour and half drive once you are past the border. If you have basic rough water skills these trips are really fantastic.

A-A used to do tours down to the Sea of Cortez, lots of outfitters still doing it. I did the Sea of Cortez on my own, but not suggested because of high winds and tides that can cause you trouble if you don’t know local conditions. Also not safe to travel alone in Baja, although it is getting better supposedly.

Sea Kayak Baja
Run by Ginny Callahan

A little different one
NOLS runs courses in Baja on the sea of Cortez side, and have been down there a long long time. Maybe not the most technically focused courses, but they do a really good job with expedition skills as well as judgment and decision making.

Baja is amazing, very much worth checking out regardless of what outfitter.

I’ve done 2
I’ve done 2, but before I put out suggestions, what type of experience are you looking for? There are all sorts, from lazy barely paddling to sonething intensive which would get you a BCU 4 star award. And different levels of support from multiple pangas and guides to do the work, to you carrying everything yourself.

TOURS has a five day tour

day one: orientation

day two: travel to put in

day three: put in and paddle

day 4: take out travel to hotel

day five: disoreintation