Compact 2-piece Canoe Paddle Wanted

I recently got one of those new origami canoes called a “Tote-N-Boat”, a 10 ft. canoe that collapses down to a 48"x14"x4" pack. I plan to cart it around on my mountain-bike, for the ultimate traveling combo (put canoe on bike for land, put bike in canoe for waters).

However, I’m having a hard time coming up with a decent paddle that will collapse down for easy packing.

Does anyone know of a sturdy 2-piece or adjustable canoe paddle that can be had for $40 or less that would be a good accompaniment to this plan? I’ve searched the net but keep coming up empty. Due to my own paddling style I require a paddle that’s around 5’-6" in length. I’ve found a few online that are boat-hook/paddle combos that are sold as emergency paddles but I don’t know how sturdy they are.

Since this set-up is going to be taking me into some very remote locations, I’d need a collapsible paddle that will last. I’d hate to be out in the middle of nowhere and end up stranded with half a paddle or worse.

Thanks if you can help.

check with pakboats
Have you looked at Under canoe accessories they list a 2 piece paddle. You might have to special order one to get the length you want. I don’t have one of these, but have been happy with their boats.

Still looking for one …
Thanks for the lead to that site, but yes, I have run across them in my searches. When I saw their prices start at $65 on up to $295 (I’m sure a custom made one would not start at $65) … I figure that there HAS to be someone charging respectable prices for a paddle like I need.

I think I’ll just end up making my own eventually if I don’t find something else on the net. For the price of a connection ferrule (a few bucks), a saw and some glue & screws (I figure $10 total) and 30 minutes of my time, I could have a paddle just as good if not better than what they’re trying to sell for $100’s.

I swear, some people are obscene with the prices they charge for things. I guess it’s like that P.T. Barnum saying … and they keep getting away with it so they just keep doing it.

Check with mohawk canoes.
The folks at mohawk canoes in Florida should be able to help you. Most of their paddles are under $50. You can find them by seaching on Google.

Paddles can be strong, light, cheap, and have a good design. But you can’t have it all. Mohawk paddles are not light but they have a good comfortable shape and are as strong as paddles get.

Another alternative is to tape/strap the paddle to the top tube of your bike frame. Have the handle near the stem and the blade with stick out behind the bike where it will be out of the way. That way you can carry a full size paddle that will be even stonger and lighter than a take-a-part paddle.