Companions wanted for extended canoe trip in 2024

Couple (70’s) from Holland, experienced wilderness trippers, looking for companions for extended canoe trip 2-3 weeks July/August 2024 in US or Canada. Examples of trips we have done Green River-Arizona, Noatak - Alaska, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, in Canada Wind, Snake, Big Salmon, Pelly, Missinaibi, Bloodvein etc. Up to WW2. Not too much portaging

Selecting companions for a long canoe trip is a challenge. I have always gone with good friends, but once in awhile somebody shows up that is the friend of a friend. We know from experience that long trips have some challenges like weather, rapids, bad food, mosquitoes, long portages, broken equipment, lack of sleep, etc. Those kinds of trips can stress people. Only certain people are good at handling stress.

I wish you nothing but success in finding suitable paddling companions. It is one of the most challenging parts of longer trips. It is much safer to have a large group in remote places. Maybe paddling clubs would be a way to find some really experienced people, which is the group I would want on a long remote trip. Good luck.

Thanks for your message. I agree wholeheartledly. We have made 3 trips with previously unknown companions. We met with them all prior to the trips. Two resulted in wonderful trips together (down the Missinaibi (Ontario) with a father + son combination and down the South Nahanni (Yukon) with another couple), but the other one was, blunlty, a disaster as regards compatability. This in spite of my meeting them beforehand. First impressiosn can be very misleading!