compare a Penobscot 16 to a Northwind RX

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Has anyone paddled both a Penobscot 16 and a Bell Northwind Royalex ? I was/ am looking for a Penobscot, but have come across a good used Northwind. I wonder if it will suit me as well.

I will use it some solo with my dogs (and so would probably add a center seat to the Northwind.) I would also use it as a second boat on trips.

Is one boat significantly faster than the other?

The Northwind is a somewhat more
sophisticated design, but I would not expect you to notice a speed difference. I consider the Penobscot 16 to be a “pocket tandem” but I don’t have an opinion on the RX Northwind. I think Bell’s website is still up and running, so you can study their capacity versus freeboard figures.


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I think they're both excellent boats, but I would have to say say the Northwind is probably a bit faster, and may be more wind resistant as well. The Northwind may have a kneeling thwart factory installed so you might be in good shape to paddle it solo. Bell canoes always had nice wood, and a far better gunwale than the Old Town if that helps you make up your mind. You cant go wrong with either, but if I were to pick the better boat I'd pick the Norhwind.

I should point out that I almost bought a Penobscot RX but went with the Northwind RX instead...and I've never regretted it.

the Bell
The Penobscot 16 has been a good one for decades.

That said, the Bell is a more modern boat; differential rocker to improve tracking and turning, shouldered tumblehome to narrow both tandem and solo paddling stations. Plus. the Bell has an extra six inches of length, so yes, it’s a little faster too.

Northwind RX all the way!
Penob is a good boat, but the RX Northwind is one of the better RX tandems to ever be produced.

Owned a Northwind RX and sold it only to help finance a kevlar tandem. It is an outstanding canoe. Agree with the above posters but would add that it will turn better than the OT and has a more stable feel due to slightly increased maximum width, shouldered tumblehome and bottom shape.

Nothing against the OT.

Not sure you’ll notice much speed difference.

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