compare necky Narpa/Elaho HV

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Has anyone paddled both the Necky Narpa and Elaho HV. If so your opinion on each. Have the narpa which I think is great but am looking at a classified for the Elaho HV.

both learning experiences
Narpa is more stable, ElahoHV is much tippier with less wetted area for light paddler. My $.02 is that the distinct lack of primary stability in the Elaho HV doesn’t come with a corresponding increase in top speed or better wave handling. But that could be debatable with more time on the water. For a top heavy paddler the HV requires good seat/thigh bracing whereas you could take a nap in a Narpa. Both rudder dependant. If you’re a big person check out the LookshaV. It’s an evolution on the Narpa going in the direction of a Chatham. The Elaho is a dead end branching from the shorter Elahos IMHO but if you want a maneuverable kayak maybe it’s the one you want, I just think the stability curve is odd.

compare necky Narpa/Elaho HV
Thanks LeeG.

Once the narpa was no longer produced did the lookshaV and the chatham become improved heirs?

The narpa is a perfect fit for me, best kayak I’ve paddled (only paddling a few others), but am wondering if their is newer/better kayak with same cockpit size if needed in future.

Newer not always better
Kayaks have been around for 5,000 or so years, so “newer” really means nothing. There really isn’t anything designwise that’s earth-shatteringly new or innovative that hasn’t been done somewhere sometime before. If the boat fits you and you like it, go for it.

My first SK was a Narpa. Great boat, but too big on me, so I eventually sold it and got something more my size in the cockpit. The Narpa will build confidence and allow you to go just about anywhere. Plus, it’s just about bombproof with that heavy plastic hull — very tough stuff.


demo away
if you want “better” than the Narpa then look around. A QCC400 is better. The LookshaV is better re. weathercocking and down wave performance.

I think the Elaho HV is different and not better.

i don’t get it
I’m an owner of a necky Elaho(standard volume) and find it a pretty stable boat. It’s by no means untippable like some, but “lack of primary stability” unless somehow the wider longer HV is drastically tippier than the standard model…i don’t get it???

I paddled a narpa once…and to contradict all of you, i thought THAT boat was a lot less stable than the Cape Horn i had at the time( i WAS a total noob) i had it in pretty mild confused chop and i never felt relaxed in it.

On old vs new, The older necky plastic was definetely tougher than the newer stuff. Dude why not look at a Prijon kodiak if you want a plastic big-guy touring boat?


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Necky uses SuperLinear Poly which is the highest grade on the market....the SAME stuff the some of their competitors use on their high end boats....from the SAME supplier(s). Ocean Kayak uses it's own blend of Polyethylene that has excellent impact and UV properties. There's a LOT of BS out there about different polyethylene...kinda funny how effective marketing can be.

Necky Plastic…

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When Necky was making SOTs in Canada the plastic was definitely much tougher than those made later by OK.
You could scratch the OKs with a finger nail.

me neither
maybe it’s the looser fit, I took out the standard cloth covered minicell seat, before the present gray one, and carved a deep minicell seat that would provide better side support. You found the Narpa tippier than an Elaho? wow.

The Narpa is a sexless pig.
I couldn’t imagine putting it on the “list” for any possible reason. My favorite feature are the hatch condoms that supposedly stretch over the front or rear hatch and provide waterproof integrity to the bow and stern spaces. Ya, those worked really well. Terrific design. I’ll bet they stayed up all night for weeks on end coming up with that.

The Elaho has a big following and is a classic kayak that many refuse to part with despite adding other kayaks to the fleet.


Same hatches
as the Elaho’s… Worked very well for many years and do not pop off. So, while perhaps not as “easy” as some other hatches, they are proven, and do work well. I had several Narpa’s years back in a rental fleet, and I’d say they were good all around general touring boats. I disliked the hard seat backs and swapped those out for backbands. People liked the Narpas, and they worked very well on some guided trips in bigger seas off Vancouver Islands West Coast. Gear stayed dry even!

As far as comparing them to a Chatham, I see them as two entirely different types of kayaks, as I would the Elaho, and Chatham. But they are all just kayaks…

They are definately friendly from a …
fleet perspective. Just a bland kayak that does nothing for me, though. The shorter elaho had fantastic play potential. Hate the hatch design, loved the boat. The poly hatch rims could vary and the hatch condom could pop off and ship water-like mine did on a couple of occasions. The Chatham is a very sweet design in each of the categories. I would always have one of those boats on the “list” if I need another.


Sounds like
a badly molded boat with deformed hatch rims. Your comment about the hatch ring dimension changing is right on, which is exactly why Necky uses the flexible neo gasket with strapped-on hard cover. I’ve used those hatches for 15 years guiding etc., with no failures ever. I did change neo gaskets every year for good measure. So, for poly kayaks that is my hatch of choice second only to a Valley, which the Chathams have. I agree about the Chatham’s!

A bud had his C17 on the Skooks
wave and he sure made that boat shine. What a beauty. It’s supposed to be the all rounder in the series, but it sure stands out as a fantastic boat.


That’s nice to hear.