Compare two hull shapes

How do the hull shapes of Eddylines (e.g. Journey) compare to Deltas (e.g., the 12.10) in terms of handling in different conditions?

To the best of my knowledge: Both are shallow V’s with hard chines. The Eddyline is quite low and tapered at the ends. The Delta I believe flares outward on the sides toward the top and is much more volumunous at the ends.

The different lengths of the two kayaks is a factor, obviously, but I’m more interested in the shape.

i have not padled the Deltas
but the Eddylines I found tippy.

Eddylines have assorted hull shapes.
Which specific Eddylines are you wanting to compare to?

As specified

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Eddyline Journey

Delta 12.10

Sorry, I guess I didn't say that clearly enough.

I didn’t read carefully enough.