Comparing 2 boats

I have my eye on two boats: The Nova Craft prospector 16 and the Esquif prospector 15.
Boat would be used to paddle solo as well as tandem with some gear, the wife and 2 dogs.

If the boats are both T formex what are the drawbacks of one vs the other? My current boat is a 15 and I paddle it solo, although it’s not symmetrical. The weight of both boats is comparable.

Would also be used in very mild rapids, so I don’t need a ton of rocker.

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Go for the Nova Craft Prospector 16.


Recently did a lot of research on these (and similar) boats, but have little actual on-water experience.

I did check out an Esquif prospecteur 16 (t-formex) in a showroom and sat in it, etc. Felt like a solid boat and really liked it.

That said, the NC Prospector is what I truly wanted out of all the boats on my list. It was my first choice but was not available anywhere near me and was over $1000 more than others…so I got something else.

Given your 2 choices, if price wasn’t an issue, I’d get the Novacraft in a heartbeat. Also 16 is more versatile than 15 for what you’re describing, IMO.

But … I don’t believe they make it in a T Formex? I would say the Tuff Stuff expedition is the closest.

One con I’ve read is the gel coat chips on the tuff stuff.

Let us know what you get!

You’re right. It’s only offered in the tuff stuff and in some places I think fiberglass also.

I’ll have to see what I get for my Royalex dagger reflection 15. It’s in good shape so I’m hoping a good chunk of change.

15 feet is too low in volume for two people and two moving loads… Dogs inherently say bigger boat.
Esquif Prospecteurs are heavily rockered and for your group size the 17 is a winner. Its a remarkably maneuverable boat. However its not a solo.

Before discussing brands you need to sort out your needs. A good solo boat is not going to handle the gear, wife and two dogs. Archimedes principle says with heavier loads you need more volume.