Comparing O.T. Cascade to OT Appalacian

Hey has anyone paddled both the Old Town Cascade and the Old town Appalacian? Do they have the same hull design, maneuverability, rocker, etc? Anyone got any input? Thanks

The Cascade
is only 14’8" and has been discontinued for a long time. If you are considering a used one, I would look it over carefully. It was similar to the Appalachian, but has a flatter bottom. I know people who have them and like them as solo boats for class I to III if they have to carry gear. They handle ok empty, but they are a far cry from a Dagger, Mohawk or Esquif ww canoe. If you want a tandem I would go with the Appalachian.

good boats
I think the those OT canoes are every bit as good as other manufacturers’. Other canoes might be better for certain specific purposes, but as all-purpose, mixed-water river canoes, these hull designs are as good as any.

If you want a canoe that’s capable of longer trips and carrying more gear - Appalachian. If you will mostly use it for short trips or for day-tripping river & whitewater runs - Cascade.

Lots of people look for a canoe that they can use in ww and flatwater, and tandem and solo - I think the OT Cascade comes closest to being that “quiver of one” river canoe. Too bad they don’t make it anymore.


I agree.
The Cascade and the Otter (not current kayak but the canoe) were probably as close as you could get to a “do it all” canoe. My comments above were referring to the fact that they are not 14foot long 27inch wide with 4inches of rocker, so do not expect them to perform like today’s ww only canoes. They are great for a beginner or for ww tripping with gear and if you can find one outfitted with a Perception saddle, you have done hit the lottery!