Comparison: Pungo 12' and Pimlico 12'

I’ve paddled both and they were both great although I haven’t paddled them for hours and hours.

They seem very similar to me but are almost $200 apart in price. I don’t know what the difference would be in performance on slow rivers, ponds or lakes. I mainly want one of these for camping overnight on the water. The Pungo has a bulkhead but is that going to make such a huge difference in the waters I’ll be on? How about packing for an overnighter?

Is there a huge difference between tracking, packing or anything else I may be missing? I don’t think I can justify the additional price if there isn’t a somewhat large difference ( my wife will kill me! )

Thanks for all advice!

pungp vs pamlico
Although I have not paddled either kayak, I have read the manufacturers assessments. The pamlico has a more rockered hull design which gives you more manuverability in rivers. The pungo’s hull on the other hand, is designed to track better in slow water or lakes. The pungo is favered by fishermen, but if you expect to paddle in varying water conditions, the pamlico is probably more versatile.

For more quickly moving water
the Pamlico is probably better. It doesn’t have the multi-chined hull like the Pungo and has a bit more rocker, but still not much.

The Pamlico ‘tracks’ fine and handles better in current (my opinion, not a fact). The Pungo ‘tracks’ better in still water (again, my own opinion).

Were I buying, I’d go with a Pamlico, but that’s because I mostly paddle to fish reasonably quickly flowing rivers but with only class I or II rapids. If I were going to be spending more time in salt marshes, lakes, tidal rivers, that sort of thing, then I’d probably go with the Pungo.

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