Comparison request

I would like a comparison between the Heritage Featherlite 12 and the Pungo 120. It will be used mostly for fishing in small lakes (60%), some small rivers (20%) and some large lakes (20%). Areas of interest in general order include stability, tracking, speed, comfort, durability, wet/dry in some lake chop. Thanks for any input you would like to give.

Background: I originally was focused on the Featherlite 9.5 for various reasons, one of which was a fisherman friend had one and raved about it. The possibility of using it on larger lakes (he doesn’t) led me to think I should consider a larger boat. This led me to the HF 12, and later the Pungo.

from what I know
The Heritage 12 has a very flat bottom which I find very stable for getting in and out while fishing and for moving around in the boat while fishing. The Pungo is for sure a little faster but that’s not what I cared about for fishing. I have the older seat in the FL 12 and wish I had the new mesh one which drains and cools and is tan so it won’t get hot. The bulkhead in the 12 is a worthwhile upgrade over the 9.5 for safety and I think the anchor kit works better in the 12. I put a half skirt on the FL 12 and it keeps my legs drier and fends off the dreaded kayaker sunburns where only half your shin gets torched! I can go into a little shallower water in my flat bottom Heritage than my pals in their V shaped hulls. Not a huge deal but that makes it easier for me to get close to shore and stand up as i get out.

I have a Pungo 120
That I use mostly for lake fishing and it perfoms well for that task. It tracks great and is very stable it won’t go in water as shallow as my Pam because of it’s built in keel but that’s very minor point. It has a large cockpit that’s great for fishing and I also use a half skirt to cut the sun and for a fishing deck.


for the replies,I appreciate it. There’s not much experience in these boats here apparently.