Anyone her familar with the WS Ride, Manta Ray 12, Manta Ray 14, Malibu Pro Exployer, Malibu X factor, and the Malibu Extreme. I would love to know if the higher cost of the malibus is worht the difference in performance and convenience.

I’m not familiar with the Malibu I have paddled the Manta Ray 14 & the WS Ride though.

The Ride is a nice boat a little wider or so it seems than the Ray.

The major difference I saw between them is the amount of water that comes in through the scuppers. I’m 5’8" and about 220. While paddling the Ride there was significantly more water in the hull than there is with the Ray. The Ray seems to be a little quicker too.

Rouse, check out this site: The site has a swection on just about every SOT fishing kayak out there. Don’t know if they are a dealer for Malibu, but they handle a bunch of other brands and have an excellent reputation. The forums are most informative and aren’t skewed in favor of brands carried by KFS. You may want to ask your question on one of the open forums as it is one asking for comparisons. I’d suggest texaskayakfisherman.come too except for two factors, few seem to paddle Malibu’s and there is a factory rep who posts on the site and he’ll give you great reviews for the Malibu, and while they may be truthful, he is a rep.

As for the Malibu kayaks, they seem to be very popular on the West coast. I think part of that popularity is due to the fact that they do well in the offshore conditions out there. While there are bays in California, they aren’t the saem as the ones on the Atlantic and the Gulf.

You are going to find, though, either brand will give you years of fun and service. I don’t think you will go wrong either way.


Thanks again for all the info. I copied the info on KFS previously and visited that site. It was very intereesting and informative. I need to go back again. I am the type, I will research things to deat before I buy, but I think you’re right about not making a mistake with either of my choices. I live about an hour from the NC coast, so that is why I thought I may have interest in some salt water fishing. ZThe beach I love to go to had several ocean piers, but they have been given up for condo sales. I had an idea I may want to use the Yak for this. Would you think the Manta Ray 12 would do this for me by putting it into the surf? I will also ask this question on KFS if I get the chance.

If you want to fish in a kayak off the
beach in the ocean…most only go out a few hundred yards, some as far as a couple of miles if there is a near shore oil platform, the Malibu may be a better kayak. Cobra may be the best brand for that use. Both Cobra and Malibu came out of the California experience fishing and diving off shore.

If, however, your plan is to fish bays and more protected saltwater like river estuaries, the Manta Ray will work. I don’t fish in the Gulf, my ocean, but do like to read the posts by those who do. From what I’ve read, for getting through the surf and fishing what, on, wider is usually better. But wider usually means the kayak is not as easy to paddle in the bay.

Thanks again JerlFletcher, I have read so much now, I am still confused. I will check out the Cobra you mentioned. So far, from my reading, I havew it down to maybe 3 or 4 Yaks. This would be, the Malibu Pro Explorer, the Manta Ray 12, the Heritage Redfish, and the WS Ride. I have been laening more towards the Malibu, but would either have to go to Virginia Beach to find a Dealr or order one off the net. I may still wait a bit because of other reasons, but if i do, I will have more time to read and get more ideas from you guys.

In general, it seems short er and wider
is better for the surf. Longer and a bit narrower better for the bay.

Jerlfletcher, I had only a sec to chek out the Cobra Fis n dive-XF. It is 36 inces wide. I am only 5’ 7 1/2" tall. Would you think I would have a difficult time paddling one that wide? it does look like a very nice and stable Yak.

The F n D is stable, great in the surf

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and paddles OK. But, in comparison to the others you've looked at, its a bit of a barge in flatter water. Not as bad as some wide kayaks, but if you are going to do more flat water than surf, one of the other Cobra's or other kayak may be better. Around these parts, the F n D is highly prized for going beyond the breakers to fish. They are difficult to find on the used market because of that. Forget what it weighs, but you may want to check that out. ONe thing few do when looking at kayaks is see how difficult they are to lift, carry, and judge loading characteristics. You may want to do that with the F n D.

For rivers and lakes, you may be happier with a narrower kayak. But, in the end, whichever you choose will be good. If you don't go around paddling your buddies, you may never notice that the one you pick is not as fast or paddles harder. On the other hand, you'll never know yours is the best for you in comparison to your buds.

If your butt fits, you may also want to look at the Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT. Its a good surf kayak and good for bay/lakes/rivers. The Scramble is a bit narrow in the seat area. You maybe able to pick one up at Gander Mountain or Bass Pro for a reasonable price. Even better, if there is an Academy Sporting Goods store in your area, they may have one for under $500...but you have to buy a seat...The Academy version is called the Speck, but its the same boat.

Jerlfletcher, thks again for the info. I will check out the Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT when I have time. I will also check on Gander Mountain and Bass Pro. We do not have an Academy Sporting Goods in our area, but I will go on line to check them out.